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Convert whatever type of Video into a required format with the help of Famous Converter. It’s an online platform that offers you meantime tool usage services to convert any category of Video without installing any application or paying a penny.

Online Video Converter

Everything is free to use on this platform, and it’s very easy to use by anyone. Meanwhile, it comes with advanced features that are pretty much supportive as per the current technological demands.


As we said earlier, Famous Converter is an easy-to-use platform. Therefore, you won’t find any issues or hurdles for converting any video file format into any other format. Even if you have zero knowledge of the Computer, you can easily follow the steps to convert the videos. Below, we are going to tell you about the effective steps.

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to visit the home page of Famous Converter. From there, you will see different types of file convert options.

Step 2: 

You want to convert the Video Format Files. The platform will have a separate section that is based on Video formats. From there, you can easily convert the video files to your demanded format. All you need is to click on the Select Target Format option. It will show you a list of Video Format options in the drop-down menu; all you need is to click on the desired option and then on to the Go Button.

Step 3: 

After you click on the Go button, it will show you a new page to upload the Video Format File. Yes, the file must be in the right format that is required for the uploading page section. Otherwise, the video format file conversion procedure will not be complete. On the Uploading Page, you can drag and drop the file or click on the Upload button to upload the file.

Step 4: 

For better results and satisfaction, Famous Converter has also introduced the customize settings option on the below side. So all you need is to click on that option and set up the settings as per the needs. After that, click on the Convert Files option.


Convert to 3G2

3G2 Video Format files are mostly used on Smartphones and over the internet whenever Transmitting multimedia content. It comes with both Video and audio support. If you want to use any video file on the Internet or Mobile phone, you can convert it to 3G2, and all of this is possible with the help of Famous Converter.

Convert to 3GP

3GP is a video File Format that is pretty much similar to what we have discussed about 3G2. The format is defined by the same Third Generation Partnership Project 3GPP. However, this file format is specifically used for multimedia services that are of 3G UMTS. You can use a similar file format on smartphones that support 2G, 3G, and 4G services. Now, it’s easy for you to convert a video file into 3GP with the help of converting online files.

Convert to AVI

For playback purposes, a specific type of video or audio information is stored digitally, and the file format that is supportive and best for that purpose is the AVI. The best part about this File format is that it’s supportive for almost all devices that support the Microsoft Windows platform. You can easily convert any video into AVI by selecting the file format on Famous Converter and making this happen.

Convert to FLV

The synchronized video and audio stream delivery and storage over the internet is possible with the help of FLV format. In the market, you will get two types of FLV formats. If you want to use them for the same purposes, you can convert the file into FLV with the help of converting online files.

Convert to MKV

MKV is an open-source Multimedia Container format used to store short-term Movies, TV Shows, and video clips. If you need such type of file format, then you can convert it very easily by considering Convert online files.

Convert to MOV

MOV Files are the QuickTime File Format. The specialty of these file formats is that it can store several modes of Data, including Text, Audio, and video, into one place. The primary usage of these video file formats is to save video files and movies. Hence, you can easily use the Convert online files to let it happen.

Convert to MP4

MP4 is one of the common Formats that is used in the Market. All of the videos that we tend to see on our mobile phones are based on a similar format. In addition, many movies and Shows that come onto CDs or other portable devices also contain the same format as Video Files.

If you use a system where the file only demands MP4 file format to play the video, you can use the Convert online files option to convert it to MP4.

Convert to MPG

MPG is a common video file format that is used on the internet for most movie creation-type projects. It stores the metadata, Audio, and video all together for you. Hence, you can easily convert the files into MPG for whatever purpose by considering the Convert files online.

Convert to OGV

OGV Video File format is outstanding for you when you want to play a particular movie on different media players. With OGV, you can make a lot of things pretty useful in your way. If you need any help converting a video file into OGV, you should use Convert online files.

Convert to WEBM

For the HTML5 Video Tag, a royalty-free alternative is used to handle the visual needs. That alternative is the WebM File Format. The Video and audio streams are primarily supported in the same file format. In general, video streaming is mostly used for the same purpose. If you want to use the same file format for any reason, you can convert it to WEBM with the help of Convert online files.

Convert to WMV

Microsoft has introduced the WMV File format as a video codecs series, whose abbreviation is Windows media video. You can also consider it as the video container format that is compressed. Most of the time, the WMV format for video files is used for the commercial purpose of selling Bluray Discs, HD, DVD, and many more.

If you are doing such a type of business, it would be important for you to convert the videos into WMV format. No idea of doing it? Well, you can easily do it with the help of converting online files.


Converting a Video File Format is important for you when the original version is not supported on other platforms or devices where you want to play it. In that case, it would be quite hard for you to do anything. Therefore, converting the video files into specific formats will help you to use them easily.

Let suppose you have a format of video that is not possible to upload on YouTube and you want to start a channel; then it would be hard for you to manage all of the things relevant to uploading. If you convert the folder into an acceptable format, things will become easier for you to use for YouTube Uploading purposes.

All In One Online Image Converter

Also, at some point, the file size of the videos tends to be larger. Therefore, it would become harder for you to upload. But, some video file format compresses the size, and it becomes easier for you to upload the files then. So, it would be important and better for you to convert the video files in that situation.

Some of the platforms only support a specific file format to play the videos. In that situation, you can’t randomly make a video and then use it on a similar platform. Therefore, using a Video converter will be the best option for you to adapt and make the video useful for yourself.


Famous Converter is a platform where you can easily browse the tools to convert Videos into 11 different formats without paying any amount or downloading the application. It comes with an easy-to-use interface and tons of brilliant features that allow you to convert video files easily.

Apart from that, Convert Online files are reliable and safe to use because have created this platform. It’s a software house based in Balochistan, and its services are spread all across Pakistan.

So whether it would be business software support or marketing, JahaSoft Ltd offers the best support to everyone. Alongside, the software company is also offering the services to several other countries with pride.

The advanced technology and experienced staff of developers have kept everything safe for the visitor to use. Like, you don’t need to worry about anything related to privacy compromise or data theft. None of the third-party apps can access the details of the website. Also, the Team of Famous Converter is not allowed to access any data of visitors.

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