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Famous Converter is a well-known and reliable Platform that you can consider as the Browsing tool to convert all of your files into the preferable versions. The best part about Famous Converter is that you don’t have to put extra effort and spend money to convert any file, video, image, or anything else.

All In One Device Converter

As you are here for the Device Converter, so we want to let you know that this platform has pretty much all of the options available for a specific version of the file for the conversion purpose that comes inside it. So it’s easy to understand and follow the procedure that you can implement on your files.


If you want to use the Device converter, it requires some essential steps before you get started. So, let’s discuss those steps in the below section.

Step 1:

The first step is to Open the Famous Converter Home page. After you open it, there are several categories of Files converter you will see on the screen. First, find the one that has “Device Converter” written on it. It will be the one that you can use to convert files of a similar type.

Step 2: 

Within the Device Converter, you will see “Select Target Format.” Here, you have to click on this option. After that, it will show you some drop-down menus to easily select the preferable format you want to convert the file. After choosing the format, click on the Go button.

Step 3: 

Click on the Go button will take you to another page that belongs to uploading the Documents for the conversion purpose. Whatever format of the file you have uploaded, make sure to upload the document or file into the page. For uploading purposes, you can click on the browse option or use the drag-and-drop feature. If you want to perform any customization, a customize setting option is available on the same page.

Step 4: 

The fourth step for you is to click on the Convert File button available at the bottom of the page. After that, wait for some moment until the Downloadable link will generate for you. Now, all you need is to click on the Download link to save the converted file.


So you have learned about the method to use Device Converter. Now, what are the types of options available within the Device Converter? That’s what we are going to discuss in the below section.

Convert to Android

The Android Converter will help you to play any video on your android devices easily. First, you need to use the Famous Converter Device converter and select the Android option to convert the videos. Typically, it’s best for those types of videos that are not playable on android devices. So, you can easily play them by using the Converter.

Convert to Blackberry

Blackberry is one of the well-known Brands whose devices are still considered protective and suitable for business users. At one point, the majority of the firms tend to use their devices for communication or email purposes. If you have any video that is not playable on Blackberry, you can easily use ConverOnlinefiles to change the format of the video and let it playable on Blackberry devices.

Convert to iPad

iPad is the Smart Tablet device of Apple, which is a well-known Technology Brand. To play a video on an iPad, you would have to consider the format that it supports. So if you have any video that you want to play on the iPad with a different format, you can easily convert it to play the video on iPad using the Famous Converter.

Convert to iPhone

iPhone is the Smartphone of Apple, a well-known Technology products brand whose manufacturing is spread all over the world. You can play a specific format video or make a video that will be safe on the format type that you may not use on any other device. Therefore, the video needs to be in a similar format so you can play it effortlessly. You can easily convert the video by considering the Famous Converter.

Convert to iPod

iPod is another smart device of Apple that tends to play videos within a specific format specified by the Company. Therefore, if you want to play any video on iPod, you need to convert the video to the same format that the iPod support. For that, you can use the OnlineConvertFiles to convert the videos into a similar format.

Convert to PlayStation

Playstation is a gaming console that tends to play videos of a specific format specified by its developers. If you want to play anything on Playstation, you need to convert the file to a similar format. Luckily, Famous Converter would be the one you can use to convert the files without any hurdles easily. Everything is free and easy for you to perform.

Convert to PSP

PSP is the Portable Format of Play station. In simple words, you can use the PSP devices to play any game wherever and whenever you want easily. However, PSP has a specific type of file support, which you can easily consider by converting the Videos onto the Similar Format. For that, the use of Famous Converter would be an effective option for you.

Convert to Wii

If you want to watch any video on Nintendo Wii Console, you need to convert the video to a similar format without any hurdles. Wii is used as the file format name for the same Nintendo. For that, all you need is to paste the video URL to the specified Wii Converter file option and then convert the file to play it easily on a similar device.

Convert to XBOX

XBOX is a gaming console just like Playstation where you can Play different types of High-end games. Also, they have the option to let you play any specific Video that is of the supported format. Surprisingly, you have the option to convert the video file into the appropriate format with the help of Famous Converter.


The Usage of Device converter occurs when you have the type of video or any other file format that Is not supported on a specific device. Hence, you have no other option left except to convert the files into a similar format.

Apart from that, there would be several other reasons depending upon the needs and demands regarding the Device converter. Just like we have mentioned one reason for it, there could be many others that a person would know whenever they require it.


Famous Converter is a reliable and Secured Browsing Tool service that is available online for free. After getting into this platform, you will not have to worry about converting Files, Images, Videos, or anything else. The platform comes with pretty much all of the formats of files conversion, which you can consider for various purposes.

Securing, this platform comes with all of the advanced technologies that can allow you to upload files, documents, or anything else to convert without worrying about any third party stealing the data. Furthermore, the team members of Famous Converter are also not allowed to get access to the viewer activity. Therefore, everything that you will do has end-to-end encryption. Moreover, no third-party app or person would acquire access to this platform.

one who has created this Platform from Scratch. It’s a software house that is based in Balochistan, Pakistan. However, its services are helping the business and corporate sectors throughout Pakistan. Moreover, the Company also has customers from other parts of the world.

Jahasoft is a verified Software house in Pakistan and Other Countries. Therefore, the reliable services you will get in Famous Converters will be the sole evidence of it. If you find any issue in this platform, you can consider the Famous Converter Team members to get ideal support as they are available 24/7.

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