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Use Famous Converter to transform your files into several formats that are supported for images. Then, all you need is to either follow the settings of uploading the images for format purposes or do the drag and drop method to convert the images. The best part is that everything will take only a few seconds for the conversion.


With the Famous Converter, you can easily convert different images formats to many other different formats within seconds. But, how would you convert these files? Well, that’s what you will get to know about in the below section.

Step 1: First of all, get on to the official website of ConvertOnlineFiles. On the Home page, you will see the image converter option. From there, you have first to select the right format to convert the files. On to the format section, you will see pretty much several formats. After choosing the format, click on the go option, and it will take you to another page.

Step 2: On the converter format page, you will see the option of browsing the files to upload them on the page or directly dragging and dropping the file for uploading purposes. After uploading the File, you will see some customize settings options in the below section. You can set up the settings as per your requirements. In the end, click on the “Convert Files” button.

Step 3: The third step will be to download the Ready file. All in one converter either ask you to send the email address so they can send you the file on the email address. Else, you can directly download the file from the given option.


Famous Converter is a reliable and valuable online image converting platform where you can easily convert an image to numerous formats. The platform is designed by a well-known Software house in Pakistan.

Convert to BMP

BMP or Bit map image file is a file format that most user needs to convert for storing the digital images of Bitmap. These types of files have a strong influence in terms of various usages. Therefore, you can easily convert any file format into BMP with the help of All one converter.

Convert to EPS

For the Vector Graphic Illustrations, the use of EPS format files is on the higher priority. It can help out for large-scale and high-resolution printing purposes. Coreldraw and Adobe illustrators are the primary software where the use of these Files is evident. You can convert any file format to EPS with the help of an All-in-one converter.

Convert to GIF

GIF or Graphic Interchange Format files have several usages for personal or business purposes. You would see them in the Social media chat boxes. If you want to make personal or business-type GIFs from Photos, you can easily use them all in one convert.

Convert to ICO

On the Windows Home page, you would see various icons based on the Image File format. These are the formats known as the ICO file format. If you need them, you can upload the image in one converter and convert it to ICO format.

Convert to JPG

JPG is a well-known Image format that most big companies tend to use. The use of JPG format images is normal in daily life. It’s a compressed image format, and the users of these images are internet users, operating systems, digital cameras, and many more. For realistic paintings and photographs, these are the evident format types. You can use an All one converter for changing any file into JPG format within seconds.

Convert to PNG

If the size is not a significant issue and you always want quality graphical illustrations, then PNG format is evident. The PNG file format contains more information compared to the JPG. Its usages are different. Using an all-in-one converter, you can easily convert any file into PNG format without any hurdles.

Convert to SVG

Sharing any graphic content on the internet is possible with the help of Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG. It’s a two-dimensional graphic file format that comes in XML. You can easily convert any of the files into SVG format by considering the in one converter.

Convert to TGA

The high-color or Truecolor Display on several devices is possible with the help of TGA format files. These files are also suitable for line drawings, 2d images, and icons that contain low-resolution graphics. If you want such types of files, you can easily convert them through the all-in-one converter.

Convert to TIFF

For desktop publishing and graphic design, the TIFF files are most commonly and importantly used by many people. TIFF acronym is a Tagged image file format. You can easily use any file for the same purpose by converting it to TIFF with the help of one converter.

Convert to WBMP

WBMP or Black and white Bitmap image formats are used mainly by the PDAs or Cell phones based on mobile devices. It tends to be a 1-bit format image data. You can easily use convert any file to WBMP format with the help of All one converter.

Convert to WebP

Getting a lossy compression for the images on the web is possible with the help of Webp format files. The web files are effective for webmasters who want richer images in smaller sizes to improvise the speed site easily. Compared to PNGs, Webp images tend to lose 26% of the image size. You can use the in one converter for the same purpose of converting any file into Webp.


Converting the images into a specific format is not a random idea. There are several platforms where you need to upload Images for some reason. However, different websites have different rules for accepting Image file formats.

If you are using any file format that tends to be opposite to what other demands, then you would not easily upload it for any reason. Since your top priority is to let the image upload on any platform, it would be better to convert the image to the relevant format. In this way, you can easily upload the pictures to the platform without any hurdles.


If we talk more about it’s one of the notable software companies in Pakistan that offers services to many businesses and companies in Pakistan. Also, their services are expanded to numerous other countries.

The reason for mentioning Jahasoft here is that anything you will convert to this platform will bring you a lot of convenience and supportive features. Security would be the top thing that you will get on this platform. Any data you will share on this platform holds a lot of value and will never be misused by any third party or even the platform’s developers.

In the last, Famous Converterne Files is free to use. You don’t have to pay a penny to anyone for using this platform. Also, it has no boundaries or limitations to convert the images. Therefore, you can easily convert as many images as possible.

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