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In general, the GIF file quality alternatives tend to be the PNG format files. The GIF files do provide transparent results; however, there are some limitations to their colors that make the quality aspect of the files slightly lower. In other words, the GIF files do provide 256 color limitations, while the actual monitor offers up to more than 16 million colors.

Compress PNG Images

Therefore, anyone would take the help of PNG format files to cover up the gap and make their files slightly good in quality. That’s the reason PNG format files have become the necessity of various peoples in the current times.

The only thing that makes the PNG format slightly troublesome is the high amount of its pixels, making the file size marginally higher. Therefore, many people would have to think twice to use the same size file. Else, in many places, these high-size files don’t seem to be approved.

Considering those problems, the All in One converter come up with a solution where anyone would easily Compress PNG format files without any hurdle. Here, the platform has used advanced real-time technologies that allow every individual to limit the size of the file without any hurdle quickly.

The steps mentioned on the Website tend to be simple. All a person would need to do is directly drag the file or click on the Browse option to select the File. Meanwhile, it’s also possible to choose more than one file at the same time.

Compress PNG Online

After uploading the files, you will see the convert Files button on the bottom of the screen. Make sure to click on the option, as it will take you to another place where you will quickly see the number of compressed files with a download option. Now, click on each download button to save it on your PC, Tablet, Mobile, and laptop.

Here, All in One Converter takes the pride to say that all of the PNG format images compressed from the platform will contain quality for the user. Therefore, nothing will raise that huge issue at all.

All of the PNG format images that compress from all in one converter can be used for various purposes such as website, Visa purpose, Job purpose, and many more. In other words, there are no limitations to that. Last but not least, the tool is very easy to use by anyone. Even people with zero computer or software usage background can successfully perform the compressed PNG task on it.

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