Compress PDF Documents Online Free

Reduce the Size of the documents without any hurdles by just using the FAMOUS CONVERTER platform. It’s a Browsing Tool platform where you will get a list of Compress features. Yes, apart from documents, there are several other compress features you can get from this platform.

The best part about the platform is that you wouldn’t have to pay any fees or subscription charges. On top of that, you will get advanced security and reliable features from this platform.

Compress PDF Documents Online

Compressing the documents doesn’t rely upon a particular thing. In other words, you would not upload anything that easily to another platform due to its sizing. Therefore, the need of compressing the documents would play an important role. However, while it plays an important role, Famous Converter provides the ultimate support required in the meantime.


If you want to compress documents using Famous Converter, then you have to follow the steps. Yes, these steps are essential for you to make the compression easily without any hurdles. So, let’s talk about the steps in the below section.

Step 1: 

You need to first get into the official website of Famous Converter. On the Website, you will see different convert and compression options on the home screen. You need to click on the option that contains a message like “Compress documents” from the home screen.

Step 2: 

On the Compress documents option, you will see the Select target format. From there, select the Target Format, and click on the Go button.

Step 3: 

After you click on the Go button, it will take you to another page. Yes, that page will be the place where you have to upload the Documents. Upload the documents by directly drag-and-drop or selecting them from the folder through the browse method.

Step 4: 

In the end, you have to click on the Convert Files Option. After that, wait for some moment to let the platform create a download link for you. Then, you can either download it directly or get the document on to your email address.

Note: You can only upload the supporting documents for the compression purpose right now on the Uploading page. Otherwise, you wouldn’t do it. Moreover, you can only upload ten files simultaneously, and each file can be up to 1GB. So if you have a document that is above 1GB, then the compression won’t happen. Alongside, you couldn’t compress more than ten documents at the same time.


You have learned about the procedure to compress documents. The next thing for you is to know about the list of options available for you on the platform. So, let’s discuss that in the below section.

PDF is the format that most people use to transfer important information from one place to another. The best part about this document format is that you don’t have to get stuck on anything. It is supportable on pretty much every online platform. All you need is to upload the PDF format document on Famous Converter and easily compress it. The whole procedure will be done in seconds for you.

Note: Right now, Famous Converter only compresses the PDF format documents to the users. However, it may increase the target formats in the future if it tends to be a necessary option.


The usage of the Compress Documents tool doesn’t rely on or depend upon particular circumstances or situations. Whatever would be the need of the customers, they can use the Compress method accordingly.

As long as the Compress documents tool usage is concerned, there is a lot to talk about. In the current times, the transferring of data is very important for everyone due to multiple reasons. For example, let say you are in the office, and you need to share the details with the client; however, the oversize of the document is making a primary issue for you. In such scenarios, it would be best to compress the document and then send it to the concerned person without any hurdles.

The same would happen for a person running a website and wants to upload any document for whatever reasons. For a website owner, it would be essential to keep the website’s size as minimal as possible for the loading speed. Therefore, compressing the documents and then uploading them to the Website can resolve the uses for you.

Besides that, the Compress documents tool is also an outstanding option for you when you are uploading the documents for a VISA purpose to any website. Remember, many online visa services have their specified uploading limitations; therefore, anything beyond that threshold would never be uploaded or accepted on the platform. Hence, you can easily upload it by compressing the size.


Famous Converter is a Reliable and Secured Platform where you can come to compress documents without any hurdles. Yes, the platform was designed and developed from scratch. It’s a software house based in Balochistan that offers services to businesses and companies throughout Pakistan and other countries.

Jahasoft LTD is fully verified and registered with the higher authorities of Pakistan. On top of that, it has a list of highly qualified developers and other core team members’ staff whose primary purpose is to provide you with the ultimate services on the platform.

The platform can provide you with the ultimate security where you can upload files without any hurdles. Yes, the platform automatically deletes your files in the desired time after uploading them for compression. So, nothing will remain on the platform and is never used.

Another amazing thing about Famous Converter is that you can use them on any platform. Yes, the tool doesn’t come with a single supported platform. You can use it on Linux, Windows, or Mac without any hurdles. In addition, the quality of the compress documents feature is outstanding. Yes, it can perfectly compress the documents for you. You will never face any loose quality of the documents’ images, text, or fonts, which is another amazing thing about this platform.

Apart from that, you can easily upload up to 1GB of a single document on this platform. Meanwhile, you can upload more than ten documents simultaneously, which means you can easily compress up to 10GB of files without any hurdles.

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