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Videos are one of the best modes of information that most people contain for different purposes. Its demand has drastically increased, and we could easily analyze it with the online video courses or the platforms where people are available in a considerable amount. On top of that, the engagement power a person would get from Videos are not even comparable to Images or another mode of information.

Compress Mp4 Video Files

While Videos are in demand, the procedures or rules of sending them from one platform to another come with some important rules. Without following those rules, you cant send them to anyone. Yes, we are talking about the sizing rules, which matters. In addition, some platforms have set up a limitation on the Video format files for transferring purposes.

Apart from that, Use of Videos on your website or uploading them on other platforms is easy for you by compressing the Size of the videos. However, when compressing videos type questions arise in your mind; the quality and reliability of the videos are important things that you might not want to be compromised. Therefore, a lot of you tend to skip it. However, using ConvertOnlineFiles to Compress the Videos is easy and a good option for you.

The Browsing tool comes with a freemium option where you can easily compress as many videos as you want without any hurdles. On top of that, it offers you the ultimate security support as well. Moreover, it has format options available for you that are considerable for compressing different formats of videos.


You need to follow the adequate steps to compress the Videos on ConvertOnlineFiles. Without it, you may not easily convert the videos, or it will lead you towards the wrong compression method. So, let’s talk about the videos in the below section.

Step 1: 

First of all, you need to access the official website of Convert Online Files. For that, you have to type in the Domain name on the Address bar. After that, you will see the Home page, where a list of Converting and compressing options is available for you. Then, scroll down, and you will see the Compress Video feature that will be the one you need to use.

Step 2: 

The second step is to select the Format of the video. And for that, you have to click on the “Select Target Format” option. In your case, there will be only one format that is MP4. Select the same format and click on the Go Button.

Step 3:

In the third step, you will be on the new page, where it will have the Uploading options available for you. All you need is to Drag the Files and drop them to the Uploading location, or you can click on the Browse button to upload the Video for compression. Remember, the video has to be in MP4 format; otherwise, it will not compress for you. When you upload the video, make sure to click on the Convert Files.

Step 4:

In the Fourth step, you will get a Downloadable link; however, it will come after an instance, so wait on the page. Then, you can either download it directly to the device or send it to the Email address.


The number of MP4 Video format files you can upload on this platform is 10. Yes, you can upload a maximum of 10 Video files at the same time. Meanwhile, each file has to be at least 1GB or below that. Any video file that is above 1GB will not entertain for the Compression purpose.


You have learned about the Steps to Compress Videos on ConvertOnlineFiles, which are very easy. Now, it’s time to know how many Formats are available for you. Well, the COnvertOnlinefiles have only one format that we will discuss below. However, the format will increase in the future after the upgrades in the system.

MP4 is the most common and useful Video File format that is used in every website or device. For example, if you are uploading the videos on YouTube, a similar video format is acceptable. Moreover, you can upload a similar video format on the Websites and even upload them to other social media sites and Messenger applications. Since it has so much diversification of usage, we have only included this format for the compression purpose.

All you need is to upload the MP4 format video on the page discussed in the above portion and click on the convert files button. Wait for some time, and the video will automatically compress for you.


Videos are useful and common mediums of data that are transferred and used in a considerable amount. It comes with so much information at the same time that it can build up engagement in the life of any person who views it. Meanwhile, the rate of conversion or conveying the message to other people also makes meaningfulness in the Content.

While its usage is evident in the industry or market, uploading it on several platforms comes with loads of complexities. Yes, you have to upload the Video files depending upon the size required in every platform. Therefore, compressing your videos is very important so that they can easily upload to any platform without any hurdles.


ConvertOnlinefiles is a well-known Browsing Tool where you can get the features of Converting or Compressing the Files, Videos, Images, or any other format of files without any hurdles. The platform is designed for users’ convenience without any reason to pay a single penny to anyone.

Jahasoft LTD is the one who has developed this website from scratch to an advanced level. Yes, it’s a well-known Software company based in Balochistan and provides services throughout Pakistan, including the overseas customers. The software company is registered and verified through the higher authorities of Pakistan.

Every service you will get from this platform will hold value and reliability. Like you can use this platform without worrying about data theft. Yes, it has advanced features that allow you to upload the videos without worrying about the Third-party or platform members using the Personal data for any reason. That’s the beauty of this platform, which makes it a must-use option for everyone.

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